Elizabeth Dickinson

Elizabeth Dickinson

Writer, designer, admin.
Also known as Captain Dibbzy.
Elizabeth Dickinson is a creative individual currently working as an admin for a small company in her home town. In her spare time she writes, designs tshirts, and buy's more books than she can actually read with the best intentions in the world of getting through them some day.

Writing Skills

Design Skills

I can touch type at 80 words a minute, and have completed two full length novel manuscripts. I am familiar with Microsoft Office and Open Office, and do much of the writing at my current job.
I make designs which can be found on Redbubble, Society 6, and Teepublic on a variety of objects from tshirts to phone cases.

Social Media Skills

Degree Education

I am an active moderator and administrator on a book blog dedicated to Urban Fantasy books. The blog currently has over 2600 followers.
I have a (BA) in Screen Cultures and Media Practice (2:1). My dissertation topic was "The Way of the Spider; The Hero's Web: Spider-Man and the Hero's Journey." An analysis of a selection of Spider-Man comics using Joseph Campbell's Monomyth.