Elizabeth Dickinson

Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire where she received a 2:1 in Screen Cultures and Media Practice, an multimeida degree where she looked in to the history of media, and how we put it in to practice. Her accomplishments include, but are not limited too, completing an analysis of a how the monomyth applies to the ongoing stories of the comic books, receiving a first in her module for teamwork practices and sustainability in practice, and kickstarting her design career.
She is an avid writer, and has been spinning stories since she was a child, resulting in many unpublished manuscripts and lost lengths of narrative. She recently finished her second full length novel. The series follows the adventures of David, a dragon rider who spends his life with one foot in the everyday world, and one foot walking with creatures that only appear in myths and legends.
She is currently searching for full time or part time employment in any and all areas as a creative individual, and is not adverse to re-training to accommodate the role.
She is also ready to work on a job by job basis, and if you would like to commission her for a particular piece of work feel free to get in contact.