Elizabeth Dickinson

Elizabeth Dickinson

Writer, designer, community admin.
Also known as Captain Dibbzy.
Wordsmith and Visual Designer
Recent graduate Elizabeth Dickinson received a (2:1) in Screen Cultures and Media Practice from the University of Hertfordshire in 2013. She has been making her way as a part time independent designer, internet community admin, and writer ever since.

Social Media Skills

Design Skills

I am an active moderator and administrator on a discussion blog. This has allowed me to develop my skills in negotiation. The blog currently has over 2000 followers.
I design and sell a number of memorabilia items, available on Redbubble and Society 6. I am familiar with Adobe programs and their open source counterparts.

Writing Skills

Degree Education

I can touch type at considerable speed and have completed two full length novel manuscripts. I am familiar with Microsoft Office and Open Office.
(BA) Screen Cultures and Media Practice (2:1). My dissertation topic was "The Way of the Spider; The Hero's Web: Spider-Man and the Hero's Journey." An analysis of a selection of Spider-Man comics using Joseph Campbell's Monomyth.